Pest Control & Pest Inspection

All our pest inspections are conducted by a licensed pest technician who will not only thoroughly check your property for those little pests but can also recommend a treatment type to eliminate those little unnecessary pests.

Pest Control

Pest Inspect Australia are leaders in pest control and protection services to homeowners and businesses.
Our experienced pest control experts offer services for all pest types.

We work you to provide reliable and quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs.

We are industry leaders in competitive pricing, deliver dependable customer satisfaction and fully guarantee our services.


Termites cause billions of damage each and every year.

It’s important to get a termite inspection to check for any activity or damage.
Unfortunately sometimes, termites don't show any noticeable damage until it's too late.

Our pest and termite inspections involve a visual inspection of the property for evidence of pest activity and/or damage.


Rodents are a serious issue that affect many Australian homes. Rodents make your home theirs, as they provide them with everything they need: food, water and shelter.

Not only do they carry diseases, they also cause damage to your home. Rodents have to continually gnaw on their teeth to keep them from growing too long. They will gnaw on anything in and around your home such as your water pipes, plaster, ducting for you heater and air-conditioning, and electrical cables and conduits.

Mouse chewing a power cable
Spiders Web


Spiders pose a significant danger to pets and children.Therefore it is important to control them effectively with pest control experts.

A spider bite on an adult person is typically painful, resulting in swelling localised around the bite, however some spider bites can result in death.

On a small child or pet, the results can be deadly, so it is crucial to conduct effective spider control and treatment.

We only use safe and effective means for the control and removal of spiders around the home or commercial premises without upsetting the local ecosystem.

Black Ants

Ants cause problems when they search buildings for food or water, or when they construct nests in buildings and gardens. They're attracted to a wide variety of products, with some species prefer sweets, meats, fats or oils. They will also search indoors for water during dry periods.

Most homeowners find that dealing with a black ant infestation is hard work and even harder to eliminate ants inside the home.  To fully rid your home of any ant infestation often requires treatment by a qualified pest controller to guarantee an effective result.

Black Ants on window sill
Cockroaches on a door frame


Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes and businesses. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils and other areas with cast skins, droppings, egg sacs, marks and unpleasant smells.

Often you will find them in and around your home, near plumbing such as storm water and sewage pipes. Because they traipse around in these areas, they pick up and carry diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis.

At Pest Inspect Australia we use a specially formulated bait to control unwanted cockroaches within your home.


Fleas are a common household pest especially prevalent around pets. Flea bites to some people and pets can just be an irritation, but for others they may be allergic.

If you or your neighbours do have pets, even if you let them wander round your back yard, the likelihood of them picking up fleas can still be relatively high.  A flea problem can very quickly develop into a major problem starting from just one flea.

We provide fast and effective flea pest control services.

Flea up close